My First Maintenance Spanking

I feel like our lives are more hectic than ever lately, and I can’t wait for them to calm down some. Between my husbands work schedule, tons of summer plans, our son getting ready to turn 1 and more, I’m TOTALLY ready for some upcoming vacations. We need to just relax…really bad. :-)

I know I wrote about it on my last post, but I really don’t have the time to get in trouble right now. I guess that’s one awesome thing about being so busy! It’s been over a month since I’ve been in trouble (aside from one corner time issue). However, I can’t say it’s been over a month since I got spanked (unfortunately) because my husband decided, out of the blue (well, out of the blue to me at least, but I’m pretty sure he thought it through for awhile first) to begin maintenance spankings.

If you know us pretty well, you know that my husband and I really were never been maintenance spanking “fans” for lack of a better word. You can read about my husband and I’s views on it here, and also learn about what maintenance spankings are if you are new to DD, and/or are unfamiliar with them.  

This past week we were getting ready to go to bed when, out of nowhere, my husband said he wanted to talk about maintenance spankings. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled. I guess his views on it were starting to change, yet mine were pretty firm in the fact that I did not like the idea. After all, I hadn’t broken the rules in forever, so I didn’t quite understand why I had to get spanked.

Thankfully, my husband is awesome, and communicated his reasons behind wanting to start them pretty clearly. However, despite the fact I actually agreed with his reasons, I didn’t want to do maintenance. Really, I just wanted to go to bed and pretend I didn’t hear him just say he really wanted to give them a shot.

However, one thing I’ve been struggling with lately (and, in the past too, a little bit) is control. I’ve never really liked having control, but for some reason lately I’ve wanted it. At least a little part of it. Instead of asking my husband to do something, I started telling him to do something. I guess the best word for that is “bossy” like my husband has began calling it, but that’s the truth. 

The good thing is that it just started (as in, within the past couple weeks) and it hasn’t really became a problem yet which is something my husband and I agreed on. It isn’t something that, thankfully, he felt needed to be addressed in the form of punishment. I guess he was giving me a chance to fix it before it escalated itself into a punishment situation. For that, I’m extremely grateful. :)

He decided a maintenance spanking would be a good idea to remind me of the rules so that, hopefully, I could continue my streak of no punishments (my goal is to make it a year. We’ll see how well that goes, lol). 

So, I got spanked. My first maintenance spanking ever. Luckily it was a lot lighter and faster than a punishment spanking. But I’d totally be lying if I said it didn’t sting because it did. I definitely felt it, but it was the “right level” if that makes any sense. My husband found a really good balance between everything. I was pretty impressed (although I totallllllly didn’t want to tell him that at the time because I was still wanting to feel like this was the worst idea in the world).

There are a lot of different types of maintenance spankings, and I think the most common ones are weekly maintenance or something along those lines. Thankfully my husband and I agreed those just aren’t for us (although, who knows, maybe he’ll change his mind on that later on down the road?). Some may refer to the kind we did as reminder spankings, but really, they are one in the same. It’s a spanking less severe than a punishment spanking to hopefully prevent a series of behaviors from turning into punishment spankings, and/or to remind the person of the rules so they are hopefully less likely to break them. It’s as simple as that. However, although the concept sounds simple on the surface, to be honest, it was really hard for me to grasp.

It may have been the surprise element of this idea the other night, but whatever it was, I didn’t handle it very well. It took a day (at least) for me to actually see that this concept really did work. I was pretty close minded to the idea at first, and I admit that. However, now that’s it has been a little time, I can see that it really did work. It gave me a little “refresher course” I guess you could say on everything and as much as I don’t want to admit that I needed that, I did.

So, here we go with maintenance I guess! I have to say, it’s way better than punishment spankings and if it helps to reduce the number of those then maybe I really can reach my goal of not getting spanked for a year! It kinda seems like a long shot right now, but hey, a girl can dream. :)


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