Quiet Spanking Implements

Quiet Spanking Implements

  Spanking with implements such as a wooden paddle, or a belt, or a hairbrush, or even a hand can get awfully loud, particularly if the spanking is conducted bare bottomed.  The last thing most domestic discipline couples want is for their children to hear the spanking, or anyone else to hear the spanking for that matter.  In most spanking situations, the quieter it can be done, the better.

  Given the frequency we get asked about quiet spanking implements, we felt it was best to simply dedicate an entire post to them.  Quiet spanking implements are wonderful for those conducting spankings within earshot of others, but often times quiet spanking implements translate to a more intense sting for the one getting spanked.  As a general rule, the less surface area of the buttocks the implement impacts, the quieter the spanking will be.  Unfortunately for the one being spanked, this also means the impact of the strike is concentrated on a smaller surface area of the buttocks, resulting in a more powerful and intense initial stinging sensation.  Just something to keep in mind when spanking with the following implements.

Quiet Spanking Implement #1: A Spatula With Holes

  Solid spatulas are a bit on the loud side, however a spatula with holes is relatively quiet and ideal for any type of “brief” spanking.  A spatula with holes is not recommended for an entire punishment spanking, however it’s effective for warm up spankings, reminder spankings, and maintenance spankings.

Quiet Spanking Implement #2: A Wooden Spoon

  A wooden spoon is still rather loud on a bare bottomed spanking, however over some light clothing it’s fairly quiet.  Like the spatula with holes, a wooden spoon is better suited for warm up spankings, reminder spankings, and maintenance spankings rather than a standard punishment spanking.

Quiet Spanking Implement #3: A Switch

   For those that may be unfamiliar with what exactly a switch is, it’s simply a small tree branch/stick that has been prepared to spank with (leaves/bark removed, sanded down and smoothed out, etc.).  A round switch with a small diameter covers a rather small surface area of the buttocks, making it very quiet upon impact.  A switch does pack quite a sting and can easily cause welts, so it’s best a couple use caution when spanking with this implement. 

Quiet Spanking Implement #4: A Tilt Wand


  A tilt wand is used to open and close blinds.  Like the switch, a tilt wand impacts a very small surface area of the buttocks which makes each strike rather quiet.   If used incorrectly/excessively, a tilt wand can cause welts, so once again it’s best a couple use caution when spanking with this implement.  The tilt wand offers a quick intense sting, however it generally isn’t very long lasting since tilt wands are not very dense (generally).

Quiet Spanking Implement #5: A Loopy Johnny

  Like the switch and the tilt wand, the loopy johnny is a quiet spanking implement given it’s small surface area of impact.  A loopy johnny is considered to be on the more serious end of the spectrum when it comes to spanking implements.  It’s recommended it only be used by experienced couples for the most serious of offenses, and only in instances where the spanking absolutely must be quiet.

Quiet Spanking Implement #6: A Cane

  While extremely quiet, the cane also offers the most intense stinging sensation of all the implements outlined in this post.  The small impact area of the cane combined with its relative density make it a very very powerful spanking implement.  It’s recommended a cane be used by experienced domestic discipline couples who are very familiar and comfortable with spanking in general.  It’s also recommended to only be used for extremely serious offenses.  Please use extreme caution when spanking with the cane.

  As you can see, all of these spanking implements (with the spatula being the only exception) have something in common – a very small area of impact.  If you and your partner are considering spanking with something other than the implements listed, just remember this general rule – the smaller the area of impact, the quieter the spanking will be.

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    • A spatula or wooden spoon CAN be used for the whole spanking, however I typically recommend against it for a number of reasons. 1) Using a spatula or wooden spoon primarily for warm up/maintenance/reminder spankings keeps those spankings separate from main punishment spankings from a psychological standpoint; 2) one would have to spank more times/longer with these implements than they would with more dense implements in order to achieve the desired results; 3) hairbrushes, belts, wooden paddles, etc. are more dense and/or intense implements than spatulas and wooden spoons, and thus send a stronger message.

      The spatula and/or wooden spoon may very well work for the whole spanking for any given couple. I’ve given the reasons for my recommendations, but, as always, a couple should find/do what works best for them.

      Very good question, Blue Bird. Thank you for asking it. Wishing you all the best going forward.

      — Clint

  1. I find more than one of those very scary.. And I can only hope my fireman will never suggest using them. I don’t think my behind will ever be prepared for those!! Lol :)
    I’d rather a hairbrush over those last few listed anyway, but I know some people would rather not have a hairbrush. Thank goodness it’s not one size fits all!!

    • Some of these implements are very intense and can be rather scary. You’re absolutely right. They’re certainly not for everyone, but as the post indicates, they ARE quiet. :)

      Best of luck in finding what works best for you and your husband, Elle. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      — Clint

      • Anything with holes is potentially very severe. Most think that drilled paddles and straps are made that way to reduce air resistance and increase the velocity and sting which is true…BUT there is another lesser known purpose and that is to suction in soft bare flesh and add greatly to the sting. Each lick is like a slap/grab and there is no “slide effect” but rather a pinch effect. Blisters often result as do colorful impressions.

      • Thank you for the insight, Jay. I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge, and I’m sure others do as well.

        All the best to you.

        — Clint

      • Clint,
        I would rather have the hand and paddle to my behind to be punished because that is what my mom used when I was little to age 10.

  2. We’re lucky that the kids have moved and my HoH can use whatever pleases him without worrying about children in the house or others hearing.
    This gives him a great sense of freedom and me too.
    He can discipline me anywhere he pleases in the house and with what ever implement he wants.
    I have to say, that is it wonderful!
    Jack’s Jill

    • Yes, that definitely sounds wonderful! Your situation certainly makes things a lot easier. I’m sure you both find that to be very nice and convenient. I know my wife and I would if we didn’t have a little one in the house!

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Jack’s Jill. All the best to you.

      — Clint

  3. Just love that you didn’t mention the horrible, mean, terrible, needs to not ever be mentioned cream stuff. And please , the only cream you should mention is Arnica. You know you love my naughty humor. Glad you don’t speak to Ty. Lol

    • Oh yes – the cream! Thanks for bringing that up, Blondie. :)

      I stuck with implements in this post, but the cream that I’m not supposed to mention could be used as well. Obviously that stuff is as quiet as it gets.

      Thanks for stopping by, Blondie. Seems it has been a while since we’ve heard from you. We hope you and your family are doing well. Wishing you all the best.

      — Clint

  4. Ugh. What a horrible time for my husband to walk past the computer! “Oh! Good! I never thought of that!” agh!!!!
    The quiet implement dilemma is a big one around here. Would love some thoughts on soundproofing. We thinking that might be a direction to at least do some research. I would much rather soundproof the room than use any of those! lol Thanks!

    • Soundproofing is an excellent idea, although it can get a bit costly. A great person to talk about soundproofing is Christina at the blog Red Booty Woman. She has mentioned before that her and her husband soundproofed their bedroom and, from my understanding, it has worked great for them. She may be able to give you more info about it.

      Best of luck to you!

      — Clint

  5. Both the loopy johnny and cane can bring me to tears even before a spanking has happend. They are extremly hard for the spankee to take, but yes my husband perfer to take the loopy on vacations so to make sure only one spanking will happen during the whole time.

    • The loopy johnny and cane are both intense implements, indeed. I rarely recommend they be used, however they ARE quiet if couples are searching for quiet implement options.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, redhead. All the best to you.

      — Clint

  6. You did not mention that some of those nice quiet implements will bring forth sounds from the wife that will need to muffled :) The loopy and the cane are two that we use, for the most serious offenses..

    • You make a solid point, Hez. Given the intensity of some of the discussed implements, they can trigger some rather vocal responses from the one getting spanked. Something for couples to consider when spanking with these implements, no question.

      Thank you for your input. All the best to you and yours.

      — Clint

  7. Hi Clint and Chelsea!

    I have a quick question. My wife has a problem with corner time. She hates it and its hard for her to take it seriously. I read the escalations that you suggest and one time I actually gave her a spanking in the corner. In your opinion, should corner time only be for corner time? Or is spanking in the corner ok? Should I separate the two locations?

    Thank you!!

    • Hello Ken,

      In my opinion, immediate swats while in the corner are appropriate, however if you feel the need to conduct a full punishment spanking, I would recommend separating the two locations, thus separating the two offenses/punishments.

      If you want to read more about immediate swats, you can do so by following this link:


      I hope this helps you out! Best of luck to you.

      — Clint

  8. Just wondering…Have the gents had these spanking tools used on them to determine how this feels and experienced this for themselves. I’d think that would be a useful idea to determine how/why/where/if to use them.

    • There are some domestic discipline couples that choose to do what you’ve suggested, for the reason(s) you’ve suggested. It’s all a matter of preference and what works best for any given couple.

      — Clint

      • Well, the information I’ve read stated it’s a very good idea for anyone using these spanking implements to have experience with both “ends” of the tools. Makes sense that you’d need training before you’d want to use these tools on someone. Some of them are down right scary and I wouldn’t want someone to just grap one and “go for it”, so to speak.

        • That makes perfect sense and is certainly a logical approach. If that’s the way you and your partner have agreed to approach the use of different implements, then I’m in no position to discourage you from doing so.

          I wish you the very best of luck. All the best to you and yours.

          — Clint

  9. My husband prefers to spank me with his bare hand, and has developed a technique where he uses the outside edge of his rigid hand to strike my bare bottom. It is very quiet and the impact is very deep. There is almost no stinging sensation at all, and while it delivers intense correction, there is minimal to no bruising at all. I guess this is attributable to the decreased surface area. I can’t imagine my husband is the only one who prefers to use his own hand in direct contact with my bottom.

    • We’re sure you’re right about that, M. We’d imagine there are plenty of husbands that prefer spanking with their hands. We’re happy to hear you’ve found a spanking technique/implement that works so well for you both. That’s what it’s all about.

      Thank you so much for your comment. Have a wonderful week!

      — Clint and Chelsea

  10. I am looking for something severe that can easily be used by one person (To themselves… the lovely experience of living at home with very limited funds and high medicals bills to pay off so travel is out, as well as professionals) or two (I have one friend I see at most twice a year who is coming in a month. Obviously, due to the living circumstances (my mother is home all the time too… hip is getting replaced in a week. Oh joy) silence is a major issue. The few things I have that ARE silent (the bristles of a brush or bathbrush that are the “softer” variety, especially if they’re stiffer than they look or feel at just brushing your hand across, can definitely be uncomfortable, but not up to my level of discipline when coming from me). Any suggestiions? I’m certainly lnot against some welts or bruises.

    • Hi crazy_girl21,

      DD stands for “domestic discipline.” It’s just easier to abbreviate it sometimes.

      — Clint & Chelsea