Saturday Stories: “Evolution of Maintenance Spankings”

Saturday Stories: “Evolution of Maintenance Spankings”


The Saturday Stories column on the LDD blog usually features a domestic discipline article written by you, the reader, every other week.  This week, however, we’re changing things up a little bit.  This week’s Saturday Stories post is a “story” from us (Clint and Chelsea).

  I don’t know what has gotten into me (Clint) lately, but I’ve really been in a writing mood since returning home from vacation.  That vacation was just what my family and I needed in a lot of different ways, and I suppose one of those ways was resetting my writing motivation.  Sorry you all have to suffer through it. :)

  Before I get going here, I want to quickly remind readers that they can submit Saturday Stories articles right here.  Every other week we choose one to feature on the LDD blog, and we’ve had a lot of great submissions so far.  We pay you for your article(s), too (up to $50).  So, if you have a domestic discipline related story to tell, we’d love to hear it.  I, personally, would love to hear a story from someone that was brought to the lifestyle by the recent media articles on domestic discipline.  I know you’re out there, and it would be very interesting to hear your story.  That’s just a request of mine, but we’d love to feature anybody’s domestic discipline story if they’re willing to share it.

Anyway, on to my “story.”


  A little over a year ago, my wife and I started doing maintenance spankings.  From the moment I learned what maintenance spankings were, I wasn’t a fan of them.  I’ve never liked the idea of spanking my wife for what I felt to be no reason.  I understood there were reasons couples did maintenance spankings, but I just never got on board with them.  I didn’t like the idea of spanking my wife when she did nothing wrong to justify it.

  After talking to many couples that practiced domestic discipline, the idea of maintenance spankings started to grow on me.  Just about every couple I talked to about maintenance spankings raved about them, so I was starting to think they must not be so bad.  Given all of this wonderful feedback on maintenance, my wife and I talked about them and ultimately decided that perhaps they were worth looking into.

  So we started doing maintenance spankings.  I felt really uncomfortable doing them from the get go.  I was uncomfortable for the exact reason I thought I would be — I don’t like spanking my wife when she didn’t do anything to warrant it.  It felt like I was spanking just to spank.  For the fun of it.  Just because.

  Well, spanking my wife has never been something I’ve considered to be “fun.”  When a rule in our marriage IS broken by my wife, I don’t like having to spank for it as it is, so doing maintenance spankings just made that feeling worse since, to me, there was absolutely no justification behind it whatsoever.  I just couldn’t get past that.

  Despite my dislike for maintenance spankings from the start, my wife and I agreed to give them a fair shot, so we continued on with them.  In all honesty my wife didn’t seem to have too much of an issue with them, but each time we had a maintenance session it was really awkward for me.  They did seem to help with my wife’s stress levels though, so I was seeing a little value in them even if I didn’t like doing them.

  As the months passed, our maintenance spankings became less and less frequent.  In fact, after about 6 months or so, they became so infrequent that my wife began asking for maintenance whenever she was feeling overwhelmed or overly stressed out.  They weren’t really maintenance spankings anymore.  They sort of evolved into stress relief spankings.

  Now THIS made a lot more sense to me.  In my mind, stress relief spankings serve an actual purpose.  They calm my wife down and give her a “reset” when she wants and needs it.  They’re done at my wife’s request most times as well, which makes me feel better about conducting them.  I understand maintenance spankings serve a purpose for a lot of domestic discipline couples, however for us, they just don’t make any sense.  I, in particular, am really uncomfortable doing them.  Stress relief spankings work so much better for us, and they’re really effective in achieving what my wife wants out of them.  Our maintenance spankings have become stress relief spankings, and that is something that we’re both okay with.

  They say your first instinct is usually the correct one.  I don’t know who “they” are, but “they” are most definitely right in this case.  My first inclination was that maintenance spankings wouldn’t work for us, and my first inclination was right.  They didn’t.  We gave maintenance spankings a fair shot, but in the end we decided to take them out of what we do and replace them with stress relief spankings. 

  In the end I’m glad we gave them a chance.  We did get something out of them after all, we just didn’t get what we were expecting to get.  We learned that maintenance spankings weren’t for us, and we incorporated stress relief spankings into our marriage.  Neither one of those things would have happened had we not given maintenance spankings a try. 

  Even if something doesn’t end up sticking around, it’s always good to try new things every now and again.  You may get something beneficial from it that you never expected.


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