Saturday Stories: “The Sun Break That Changed Our Marriage”


  We’re excited to get our Saturday Stories column back on track this week with an excellent article from a newcomer to the domestic discipline lifestyle, Meredith, from the blog New Twist, After All These Years.  If you haven’t gotten the chance to do so yet, pay her blog a visit and give her a nice warm welcome. :)

  If you’re new to the site, every other Saturday we feature guest posts written by those in the lifestyle and/or the domestic discipline blogging community.  It gives others a chance to tell their stories, and illustrates how truly unique the domestic discipline lifestyle is for everyone that lives it.

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  The following article was written entirely by Meredith.  We have not manipulated, edited, or added to her words in any way, shape, form, or fashion.


  Changing a marriage that has worked well for many years is gutsy. Here is how we changed our marriage, what we are experiencing and why I am so happy especially after all these years. 

  When living in the Pacific Northwest, a week away in sunny, warm Palm Springs is heaven. A lovely pool and wifi set the stage for a restful, calm week. That is until I accidentally found the Learning Domestic Discipline site. That was in April, and only recently have I come up for air. Reading and research have taken a lot of my time. This site and all the blogs have kept me decidedly out of the sunshine. While in Palm Springs, my sweet husband thought I was reading interior design blogs! 

  Our entry into this lifestyle is probably like yours. However, we have been married a very long, long time. There in lies the difference. Our story tells what happens when domestic discipline makes an entrance into a marriage like ours. 

  We married after college, but were high school sweethearts. We have always been loving and supportive of one another. My husband is the steady, calm one and I am the feisty, sassy one. We toyed with spanking in the early married years, but family and life took us away from spanking. We faced career changes, babies and deployments. We were a team and were often dumbfounded when our marriage had smooth sailing while those of our friends floundered and dissolved. Anniversary after anniversary found us together and we are looking forward to retirement. Enter the Palm Springs sun break!

  Once home, I prepared as if I were a student preparing a power point presentation. Why was I so nervous? Why was I so uneasy about telling him what I wanted? Like many of you, I faced my husband and began “The Talk”. He listened thoughtfully and asked many questions. Would he really want to change a relationship that has already proven steady and worthy? 

  My husband said yes! We would do ttwd our own way. We would have no list of rules. We had already lived through the rocky years when money was tight and life busy. We knew that our marriage was in fine working order. We were looking to make it better. We  would do maintenance and reset spankings when I was feisty. Disrespect would learn a spanking and then he bought the wooden spoon. Funny though, as a young bride, I have a crock full of wooden spoons in my newlywed kitchen, but did not own any nearing retirement.

  Everything was in place and I told myself that when the time came to be spanked, I would cooperate and be submissive. A rainy afternoon in the Pacific Northwest is common, but what happened in our bedroom was not. The first spanking happened and I was submissive. Spanking for disrespect has happened several times. We are new at this. Aside from a stinging bottom, something really amazing is happening. Arguments are short lived. I think about what I am going to say before I blurt out something rude. We do not bark at one another. I feel a closeness and respect my husband in ways I never anticipated. Is domestic discipline responsible for changing a long, loving marriage? The answer is yes. Since making my presentation, we have been loving and enjoying one another’s company in a way that I did not think possible. My bottom has been paddled. He asks if I am calm before we are finished. He knows what he is doing and I am grateful and in love all over again.  A solid marriage has been changed for the better. I lean on my husband in our partnership and he guides us to more anniversaries in years to come. Not just for the young, domestic discipline is for the young at heart as well.


  As Meredith has illustrated, it’s never too late to incorporate domestic discipline into your relationship/marriage.  Even strong marriages have room to grow, and domestic discipline may be the avenue in which to achieve that growth.  Thank you so much for this wonderful piece, Meredith.  You did a great job!  Welcome to a domestic discipline marriage, and congratulations on getting started with it!  We wish you and your husband many more years of happiness and harmony. :)

Meredith’s blog is New Twist, After All These Years if you’d like to follow along with her story.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Stories: “The Sun Break That Changed Our Marriage”

  1. This is a great Saturday stories post. It is very much like my marriage. My husband and I celebrated our 25th Silver wedding anniversary this past year. We were having age related hormonal issues and both had got them taken care of albeit at different times! My present to my husband for our 25th was a Certificate of Pleasure for one week. This simple certificate started things rolling as far as me being submissive a bit more than I already was. Finding the LDD site, put us into a whole new dynamic that we didn’t know existed. We have been practicing some form of DD for over a year, but added the discipline part a few months ago. It’s been a learning experience! We are doing great and our dynamic fits us well. Each couples if different, but what makes DD so great is that the results are usually the same. Great relationships develop! How great is that! :-)

    1. It’s great to hear things are going well for you two, Kat! We’re so happy to hear it. :)

      We agree with you — this is a great post. Meredith did a wonderful job and we were honored to feature her post on the blog.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Wishing you nothing but the best moving forward.

      — Clint & Chelsea

  2. I think that wives need to be kept in line respectfully and lovingly. Spanking is an ideal method to produce a fulfilled wife!

    1. Robert, so you think that the woman, by herself, can not be fullfiled wife without the need to be punished? Just like that maybe because of all the love she has for her family and her husband?
      You do not think women want to do their best without any penalty hanging over their heads? Just because they are intelligent and know what is right and not right?

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