Spanking Positions

Spanking Positions

There are many different spanking positions, most of which won’t be on this website.  Not because they aren’t effective, but because there is generally no need for them.  Either that, or we just plain and simply do not agree with them, or they could potentially cause medical problems.  We don’t understand why people insist on complicating something that is, for the most part, rather simple.

There are four positions we’re comfortable with recommending.  All four of these positions are effective in getting the desired results and – for the most part – are physically comfortable for both individuals.

Position #1: Over The Knee (OTK)

This is the most common position associated with spanking.  The HoH either sits on a bed, on a sofa, or on a chair while the submissive partner lies flat on their stomach over the HoH’s lap.  Over the knee puts the buttocks in a convenient spanking position and makes it easier for both individuals to maintain control/hold still.  This position is the most intimate, however, be advised that it can be uncomfortable on the stomach of the submissive partner if they’re in this position for too long.

Position #2: Leaning Over The Bed

Leaning over the bed is the most recommended position.  In this position, the submissive partner kneels at the edge or foot of the bed, bends at the hips right where the mattress ends, and lies flat on the bed on their stomach (with pillows or blankets underneath their stomach).  This is a very comfortable position for the submissive partner, and this position is good for regular spanking as long as the stomach is heavily padded with pillows and blankets.  The HoH then either stands or kneels beside their partner to conduct the spanking.

Position #3: Leaning Over The Arm of Upholstered Furniture

In this position, the submissive partner leans over the arm of an upholstered couch or chair, bending at the hips.  The furniture must be upholstered to make this as comfortable as possible for the submissive partner.  The HoH then either stands or kneels next to their partner to conduct the spanking.  This position works well, however since it typically cannot be done in the bedroom, we typically recommend against it.  We feel this position is acceptable and appropriate, however the “Leaning Over The Bed” position is better for intimacy and privacy reasons.

Position #4: Kneeling On The Furniture

It’s a little difficult to describe this position, but we’ll give it a try.  Basically the submissive partner kneels on the couch or chair and rests their chest against the back of the couch or the chair, placing their arms over the top of the furniture.  This position is a little difficult for the HoH  since the buttocks isn’t in the ideal vulnerable position as it needs to be to conduct a spanking.  But, in this position, there is little to no stress put on the stomach of the submissive partner whatsoever.

There are dozens of spanking positions, but these work perfectly fine for achieving the desired results.  Other positions you may have heard or read about we feel are either A) unnecessary, B) inappropriate, or C) could potentially have negative medical ramifications.  For instance, if the submissive partner lies flat on the bed and the HoH strikes their buttocks with an implement, the impact could damage the submissive partner’s lower back.  Things like that, in our opinion,  just aren’t necessary.  The four positions we’ve listed are ideal for conducting spankings.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments.

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  1. For spanking positions, when my husband spanks me over his knee (which is most of the time) he sits on the edge of the bed with his legs slightly spread and I am positioned straddling one of his thighs with my torso on the bed. The picture you have up, we call ‘over the lap’. The otk position we use is more comfortable, especially during longer spankings and doesn’t hurt my tummy or make the blood flow all to my head like over the lap does. Your site is nice that it helps us know we are not the only old fashioned family like this.

  2. In terms of positioning, when my husband spanks me otk he sits on the bed with his legs slightly parted and guides me straddling one of his thighs with my torso on the bed. The position pictured above we call over the lap. Being over my husbands knee the way I just described works well for longer punishments because it doesn’t hurt my tummy or make all the blood ruh to my head like when I am over his lap.

  3. During the course of our relationship, my wife has found herself in positions 1, 2, and a modified version of 4 that required arch her back and to stick out her bottom. In time, like poster B above, we evolved into the straddled thigh position. My wife also finds this more comfortable.

  4. I would not want any position except over the knee. The other positions are less intimate and I wouln’t feel the love I do when otk.